5 Tips for a Great Brochure for Your Business

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5 Tips for a Great Brochure for Your Business

Business owners need to utilize brochure printing more into their marketing ideas as it’s proven to increase sales. However, it can only boost your company’s revenue when you’re using brochures effectively. 

With that said, there are things you have to take into consideration before you can create the ultimate marketing brochure for your business success.

The small things like brochure size and graphics resolution play an important role in how your target audience responds.

Your printed brochure becomes a part of your branding, so setting a professional image is important. Be creative and unique while providing value to your target market.

5 Tips for Effective Brochure Printing

Brochure Print Size

Your brochure design is everything, and it plays an important factor in how your audience perceives it. Surprisingly, this is where most entrepreneurs make the mistake when making business brochures.

This is also one of the most complex mistakes to fix, your brochure should ideally have a proper output size. In other words, it’s not smart to utilize a layout with an 8.5 x 11 size for a brochure to be printed on an 8×10 paper. It compensates ink quality, either stretching or shrinking the brochure design. 

Think of print bleed

Business brochures have a tendency to print bleed. It’s how far the design goes to the edges of the brochure. Most brochure templates printed have the illustrations go along its edges to make it appealing.

It ensures that the edges are painted with vibrant colors instead of a blank page, so extending your design up to the brink of the paper is recommended. 

This delivers a solid coverage, making your brochure look attractive and professional. Take note of print bleed when you’re making your brochure layout. 

In addition, print bleed varies from one printer to another. Normally, you need to have at least 3mm of print coverage.

High Resolution

One of the best design tips anyone can give you is the use of high-resolution graphics. It’s definitely important in making an effective brochure for your target audience.

If your brochure isn’t equipped with the right resolution, the result of the picture is either soft, blurry, or pixilated. 

The pictures you see on PC are only seventy-two dots per inch, which is the recommended dpi for monitor viewing. However, it’s not ideal for a business brochure. Make sure the pictures are at 300 dpi or more to print high-resolution images.

You can use the internet to look for high-quality resolution images that are affordable. There are even free images available online, depending on where you look.

Right paperblank white paper

You’ll normally see an 80lb or 100lb stock paper used for brochures in a print shop, it comes with a number of gloss or matte finishes for you to choose from. 

While you may have the right to choose which one fits you best, we recommend the 100lb stock. Generally, it’s more substantial than its 80lb counterpart, and its price gap is relatively small.

Customers are more likely to trust businesses with heavier brochures as it appears more professional than other rivalry companies.

To make your brochure stand out, you can add gloss or varnish. However, if the surface is already covered with ink, it’ll already look glossy when printed.

If you have a home business, and printing it at home, purchase a brochure paper that gives you the indication of where to fold. 


There’s no doubt about it, the first thing that people notice when looking at your brochure is the font. As much as possible, make the first panel attractive, so prospects are curious to read the content.

Make your fonts unique, don’t use the software standard font. Everyone uses it, and the last thing you want is to make your brochure similar to every business in your local area. 

Any font that speaks out to you, adds creativity while still maintaining your company’s brand and style is enough to put you ahead of competitors. 

Quick Same Day Printing Wants to Help You

Are you looking for a professionally made business brochure printed on the same day for tradeshows and events? You’re on the right page. 

We’re a team of professionals dedicated to providing you with unique and quality brochure designs to help you increase sales and revenue. 

Our graphic designers are equipped with the experience to create a suitable brochure that fits your company style. Do you want to see what our team can come up with? Schedule an appointment call for a free consultation!

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