Payments are accepted via all major credit cards. All payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise designated, at our discretion. No job will be sent to production or released files until full payment is received.

Refunds: If a refund is approved it will be issued via check or credit card, and may take up to four (4) weeks to be processed. For all other situations, payments made to Top Class are non-refundable. We will always make a valid attempt to always ensure client satisfaction to the limit the situation allows us.

Prices and Specials: Prices are subject to change without notice. Price quotes are valid for 30 days. Specials/coupons may not be combined and must be mentioned on the time of ordering to be valid.

Claims/Returns: Returns must be authorized by Same Day Printing within 14 days of the purchase order. Only hardware may be returned for credit. A 20% restocking fee applies as well as all original and return freight charges.

Payment Disclaimer: In the event of any outside collection agency or attorneys needed to recover money owed to Top Class Trade Printing, customer principals agree to be responsible for all costs of collection including collection agency & attorney’s fees and costs. Collections start after one months of being past due, we reserve the right to proceed sooner if we believe the client is a credit risk, especially if full credit terms were not given. By agreeing to a sales order or invoice you become aware of all charges and agree to them.


Art Disclaimer: Due to the printing process exact colors and cuts cannot be guaranteed. If your job is color critical please let us know and we will print your job with a PMS match color match for an extra fee. We are not responsible for poor quality print from images that are sent in 72dpi which is typically images that are pulled off the web. All images must be in 300dpi. All print jobs must be sent in CMYK and in the proper sizes, we are not responsible for resizing or editing any jobs sent to us to print. We do try and make a valid effort to proof files but in an effort to produce your jobs quickly, this is not always possible. Digitally printed jobs in particular tend to have color variances with pastel light colors and can sometimes shift.

PRINTED ITEMS and Faulty Goods: All our jobs are printed in gang runs unless noted otherwise. When printing in gangs multiple jobs are pulled together on sheets and saves setup costs, time, and paper. By doing this, slight variations in color and cut cannot be guaranteed, this is an industry standard with gang runs. It is recommended that a color match proof is ordered or that our color-safe key is utilized which will allow you to have a reasonable expectation of color output. Although it is impossible to definitively match a given color, these colors are considered safe and less susceptible to large shifts in appearance.

In printing, it is possible in some cases for a few misprints and we normally print overruns just in case. We always try our best to always provide the best in quality and will normally replace flyers that are heavily (majority) misprinted if not noticed before packaging.

For any kind misprinted or unacceptable goods, the client has 24 hours to review and return ALL of the printed or faulty goods within one week. Once returned we will review the matter and determine a suitable solution or if they will be replaced.

Please note all large quantity flyer jobs are printed on 12pt or 14pt card stock with UV coating unless specified.

Top Class is not liable for any errors in image quality or changes due to pdfs being sent or vector files not outlined as sometimes images may change when ripped.

Note it’s your/designers responsibility to make sure files are sent to our specifications or order a press proof. We will not be held responsible for jobs that are not submitted according to our specifications unless a cutting and quality check proof is requested for $5. We do try and scan through files as much as possible but due to the quick turnaround, volume of printing jobs, we cannot dedicate too much time proofing files that should be print ready via industry standards.

Over/Under Run Policy: Orders are subject to a 5% overrun/ under run and will be billed accordingly, particularly promotional items.

Digital print work: Booklets (unless full bleed cover insert was requested), posters, presentation folders, and letterheads are printed with no bleed unless requested with additional costs.


All orders once placed are noncancellable once placed due to tight deadlines.


Primary Shipper: Same Day Printing standard shipping method is via Fedex for all other methods (such as freight forwarders drops) add $15.00 net handling charge per order and shipping charges will be paid at destination by the customer.

Shipping method: For better service, please specify your deadline use date and requested shipping method.

Shipping weights: Weights listed on our site are approximate weights. Top Class is not responsible for differences in actual weights per box versus quoted freight charges per box.

Handling charges: All orders will be charges a $2.00 net fee per box for handling.

Shipping disclaimer: Same Day is not to be held responsible for damaged or lost goods. In the event of a damaged or missing item because of shipping you must contact the shipping company directly and file a claim. We will make every effort to help you get this situation taken care of. We have done our part by producing the goods and it is then left in the hands of the shipper to make sure it reaches on time and safely. Shipping times are only estimates based on regular circumstances and we cannot be held responsible for things beyond our control.
We are not responsible for items shipped out of the country. It is the client’s responsibility to ship goods back for any kind of refunds or exchanges to make any kind of determination of the job. We will make every effort to fix this issue with minimal costs to us and the client.
Note all shipping prices given are only estimates and actual prices may vary due to fuel price increases or weight differences etc. If the amount is higher the additional cost must be paid in full.

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